Created in 1989, the Montélimar site was the first strategic location in the Rhône Valley. It became thecompany’s headquarters. The production of this unit has been multiplied by 5 in less than 10 years.

The site has a total surface area of 28,000 m2, including 6,500 m2 of buildings dedicated to the production and storage of pallets, protected from the sun and humidity.

Located close to construction customers in the region, the headquarters offers fast service at the best cost in the market today.

The Montélimar plant produces 6,000 pallets per day.

Area 1: houses a 2-input production line

Area 2: houses a 4-input production line

Ligne de production de palettes chez Brunel SAS

Contact the Montélimar site

ZI du Gournier – 32 Chemin de Fortuneau
26200 Montélimar
Phone : 04 75 01 96 62
Fax : 04 75 01 05 67
E-mail :