Today specialist in handling wooden pallets fabrication for industry, BRUNEL S.A.S. was originally a forest exploitation sawmill.

In 1989, the company chose two first strategic locations in Montélimar and Pierrelatte (now merged with Montélimar) and thus positioned itself near major traffic routes, along the freeway.

Therefore, Brunel S.A.S. doubles its production and becomes an industrial company thanks to a leading-edge of technology and unique prototypes on the market.

2004 is the opening of another wooden pallets’ plant – Varennes-Vauzelles – near Nevers.

Brignoles establishment was created in 2006, in order to make the importation of raw materials easier and to ensure a full control of production costs.

With three production points throughout France, the company now has a daily production capacity of 15,000 pallets, ensuring a truly fast and efficient service, meeting precise industrial quality standards.