Today specialist in handling wooden pallets fabrication for industry, BRUNEL S.A.S. was originally a forest exploitation sawmill.

In 1989, the company creates two strategic plants – Montélimar and Pierrelatte – near major roads and highways.

Therefore, Brunel S.A.S. doubles its production and becomes an industrial company thanks to a leading-edge of technology and unique prototypes on the market.

2004 is the opening of another wooden pallets’ plant – Varennes-Vauzelles – near Nevers.

Brignoles establishment was created in 2006, in order to make the importation of raw materials easier and to ensure a full control of production costs.

Thanks to these four strategic settlements throughout France, BRUNEL S.A.S. has a daily production capacity reaching 11,000 pallets. This lets the company ensure prompt delivery services to its customers, always meeting industrial specific quality standards.