In 1989 was settled Montélimar plant, which was the very first BRUNEL S.A.S. establishment in Rhone Valley. It became the company’s headquarters, where production results used to grow 5 times in less than 10 years.

This plant has a total surface area of over 28,000m2; including 6,000m2 of buildings dedicated to pallets’ production and storage, far from direct exposure to the sun and moisture influences.

Based close to regional civil engineering and building companies, the headquarters ensure prompt delivery services at optimized cost. Montélimar plant’s daily production capacity reaches 5,000 pallets.

ZI du Gournier – 32 Chemin de Fortuneau
26200 Montélimar
phone 04 75 01 96 62
fax 04 75 01 05 67
e-mail :