Skill & technology

BRUNEL S.A.S. Company is one of French cement manufacturers’ most important supplier: we perform the 1/3rd of the wooden pallets’ production for civil engineering and building companies.

This achievement is based on our employees’ know-how, high-efficient production tools and a logistics department, which implements innovative solutions to offer the best prices.

A corporate social responsibility policy, which provides employment opportunities for disabled workers.

Environmental protection

We are permanently searching for solutions to reduce wood waste to help preserving the environment.

Our PEFC Certification (Prog. for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes), awarded in April 2011, is the expression of our commitment to promote a sustainable forest management through a strict traceability of our woods’ origin.

Establishments close to our customers

Close to major trunk roads and highways, BRUNEL-ABURA Company offers its customers a delivery capacity covering the Lille-Perpignan line, via Belgium and Luxembourg.